SQUARE1 inkjet printable media 8.5" x 11" - 20 Pack
Our Price: $29.95

20 sheets of SQ1Printables - $29.95

Our impressive wall graphic material is now available for use right on your home inkjet printer. Each package contains - 8.5" x 11" sheets. You can enjoy the same benefits as commercial printers, right at home. Limited only by your creativity and your vision, you can create limitless wall décor at the fraction of the cost of buying commercially. And, it’s custom to you. Look inside and see how you can create your own masterpieces for your walls, lockers, laptops…even create personalized party décor.

SQUARE1 50 for 50 Combo Pack
Our Price: $50.00 Our Best Value

50 for 50 Customized Combo Pack

Can't decide what to order...pick them all!! Mix and match 50 sheets. For those just getting started or those loyal customers...just tell us how many of each of our great products you want and will build your own custom pack - all for $1 a sheet. Our best value for trying all of our new products in your own customized combo pack!

Step 1 - Order your product
Step 2 - Send us preferences via email with your order # (dsirek@square1masterpiece.com) ... or we will reach out to you!!!

After ordering, you will receive an email requesting what you would like in your very own, customized combo pack.

Sale ends August 11, 2017.

Shipping $6.45 USPS Priority Mail - $10 extra for shipping to Canada.

SQUARE1 inkjet printable Iron-On 100% Cotton 8.5"x11"
Our Price: $29.95

20 Sheets of Inkjet printable SQ1IRON-ON

This amazing product is 100% cotton, coated with a water based finish for use as a inkjet printable fabric. The fabric has a permanent heat seal-able adhesive on the back (safe for your ink jet printer) on the back. Print your image, trim out as desired and simply iron-on to make your custom t-shirt, tote bag or any other fabric product. The heat of your iron not only creates the permanent bond, it also helps seal in and protect your image. Your image is even washable with mild detergents.